According to unofficial data, affected by the restrictive measures, the resale transaction volume of the government HDB unit plunged nearly 80% last month, while the resale price did not change much.

According to the latest data from the Singapore Real Estate Exchange SRX, the resale price of HDB flats fell slightly by 0.04% last month. Among them, the resale price of apartment units fell the most, reaching 1.8%. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom units fell by 1.5% and 0.2%, respectively. Only the five-room resale price rose slightly by 0.2%. Compared with the same period last year, the resale price last month increased by 1%. In addition, a total of 423 HDB flats changed hands last month, down 78.3% from the previous month.

Among them, the five-bedroom unit was sold at the highest price of 1.01 million yuan. This was also the only transaction last month with a transaction price exceeding one million yuan.

In addition, the T-O-X total median value reflecting the difference between the resale price of HDB flats and the SRX market last month was zero, which remained unchanged from the previous month.