PM Lee , Deputy Prime Minister will deliver a series of national speeches from tomorrow (7th) to clarify how to protect Singapore’s future in the post-coronavirus 2019 era .

With the “Fortitude Forward Budget” published on May 26, the Chinese government has invested nearly 100 billion yuan to help employees and businesses fight the epidemic, but the long-term economic challenges will remain arduous. The epidemic severely disrupted the global economy, and Singapore must respond quickly to global changes and prepare for difficult times.

Therefore, PM Lee and others will deliver a series of national speeches within two weeks from tomorrow, clarifying what Singapore will look like after the epidemic, and how our country plans to weather the storm.

PM Lee will be the first to deliver a speech on the theme of “Overcoming this Generation of Crisis” from 7:30 tomorrow night, and National Development Minister will deliver a speech on “Coexisting with Coronary Disease” from 7:30 on Tuesday night.

Minister of State Affairs, Government and National Security Coordination, will then deliver a speech starting from 7.30pm on Thursday, with the theme “Resilience under External Environmental Changes”, Minister of Trade and Industry will be from 7:30pm on the following Sunday (14th) The theme of the speech delivered separately is “Making a living in the world of coronary disease”.

Minister of State Affairs, Government, and Social Policy Coordination, Shang Daman will deliver a speech from 7:30 pm on the 17th (Wednesday), with the theme “A stronger and more cohesive society”, at 7:30 pm on the 20th (Saturday) The final speech will be delivered by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Wang Ruijie, with the theme of “Vietnam Warfare.”

The English version of the speech at 7:30 will be broadcast on AsiaNews, followed by the Malay speech at 8am through Suria, Channel 5 will broadcast the English version with sign language translation at 8:30, and Vasantham will The Tamil version will be played at 9 o’clock, and finally the Chinese version will be played on Channel 8 at 9:30. The public can also watch it through’s web platform, Premier Li’s Facebook page and the Prime Minister’s YouTube channel.