A man from Singapore’s Woodlands spit pearls on the back of an iron card. A dozen pearls are stuck on the back of the iron card, causing discussions among netizens. Some netizens joked: Is it for this reason to prohibit making tea?

A post posted by netizen Royston Ong to the Facebook group SG Covidiots on April 19th began to circulate recently. One of the videos captured a man at the Woodlands North Shopping Center at 8:45pm on April 17th ( Woodlands North Plaza) is believed to use a straw to launch pearls onto an iron signage not far away.

The man in the light purple shirt stood on the covered walkway. He faced the iron sign outside the walkway and fired pearls. Every time it hit, it made a solid sound, attracting public attention.

Netizens also shared photos, showing that more than ten pearls were stuck on the back of the iron card and iron pillar. Ten days later, these hardened pearls remained on the iron pillars and iron cards.

The post caused discussions among netizens. Some netizens praised the man as a “shooter.” Some netizens admitted that they had done this kind of thing as a child, but some netizens worried that it would spread the virus.

At that time, the local bubble tea shop had not been ordered to suspend business. Some netizens said that bubble tea would be banned. Unexpectedly, two days later, the government announced to strengthen the blocking measures. The bubble tea shop must be suspended. Netizens Then he left a message and sighed.