A 26-year-old man in Singapore was diagnosed only after completing isolation! The man living on Rivervale Drive is the family member of a couple who was diagnosed earlier.

This couple is related to the infection group of the Christian Life Church in Singapore. He is also closely connected with another confirmed patient, who is the key person who transmitted the virus from the Christian Life Church to the Church of God’s Grace!

After his family was diagnosed, the man was also quarantined for three weeks, from February 15 to March 6. After the quarantine ended on the 6th, the man had been to Punggol War Preparations Army Club. Confirmed!

The exact process of the man’s diagnosis is not yet clear, and it is not clear that the diagnosis was made after three weeks of quarantine because the virus had a long incubation period in the man or because he was exposed to the virus on the day of Punggol.

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