26 year old man living in Rivervale Drive was diagnosed with Coronavirus 2019 and became the 138th patient in the Singapore .

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the man was a couple who had been diagnosed earlier, that is, the 53-year-old male of the 83rd patient and the family member of the 58-year-old female of the 91st patient. The couple is linked to the infection group at the Christian Life Church in Singapore. He also had close contact with the 66th patient.

Although he has not been to the affected areas and countries, the man was quarantined from February 15 to March 6 due to contact with confirmed patients, and was confirmed at noon on the 6th.

After visiting the quarantine period, he visited the Punggol Readiness Armed Forces Club (SAFRA). He is currently undergoing isolation treatment at the National Infectious Diseases Center.

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