Singapore is about to grade sugary drinks based on sugar content! All include milk tea, foam tea and soft drinks. Advertising is not allowed for D-drinks with the highest sugar content!

On March 5, Tang Zhenhui, the senior executive minister of the Ministry of Health, announced in the department budget debate that the Ministry of Health will classify beverages into four levels of ABCD based on sugar and saturated fat. The sugar content in the drink, A is sugar-free / less sugar, D is polysaccharide, there is a number next to it to show the sugar content.

All C and D sugary beverages listed on the package must be clearly marked with a sugar label on the package; A and B grades are not regulated, and the merchant can voluntarily choose whether to print the label.

The Ministry of Health also stipulates that beverages classified as Class D are prohibited from advertising on mass media platforms! However, merchants can still promote these beverages when they are sold, but the promotional materials must clearly indicate that the beverage is classified as D.

According to the Singapore Health Promotion Agency, if a 250ml beverage contains more than 5.5 teaspoons of sugar, it is classified as a high-sugar beverage. In addition to the classic Cola and Sprite, drinks such as soda, freshly squeezed fruit juice and yogurt will all win.

In addition, the Ministry of Health will launch a plan to encourage people to drink more water than sugary drinks. After all, diabetes has always been a problem for Singaporeans.

It is understood that the Ministry of Health has installed water dispensers in 30 hawker centres in Singapore and will continue to install water dispensers for the remaining 82 hawker centres. Singapore will also install 39 bus stations and terminals, and now has 14 drinking fountains installed.