Trump’s niece Mary’s new book “Too Many and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous People” will be published in advance, and the book reveals a lot of news within the Trump family. Mary is also a clinical psychologist. She also tries to analyze the heart and character of her presidential uncle.
The relationship between Trump and his father is the most complicated. Pictures of parents are placed in President Trump’s office. Old Trump is the core of Trump’s life and life, whether economically or personally. Mary wrote in the book that the father and son were caught in a deep psychological contest: he (old Trump) weakened Donald’s ability to develop and experience human emotions, restricted Donald’s exposure to his emotions, and thus distorted Donald’s the opinion of. In Mary’s eyes, the old Trump wanted to “realize his long-cherished but unrealized dream” in Trump. But old Trump did not get much goodwill and reward from Trump in his later years.
The White House responded: The president’s father is a kind father, and he is not harsh on the president at all.
Mary also found that the characteristics of Trump’s ruling can be traced back to his experiences in his youth. In her description, Trump lacked proper upbringing and compassion in his childhood, and he has moved to his adult life and tenure. For example, Trump likes flattery and arrogance. “Everyone was talking about Trump in family gatherings in the past, just like the current White House round table. No one is more important than him.”
Trump created a kind of self-expansion through deception and lies. Mary exposed that Trump spent money to find someone to take the exam, so that he could enter Wharton. The White House again denied that the president did not cheat.
Trump’s attacks on women have caused dissatisfaction many times. Mary said Trump received very little education from his mother.
Another core of Mary’s new book is his father, Trump’s brother Fred. Little Fred suffers from depression and alcoholism, and other family members are obviously not interested or concerned about it. During the few weeks his father was ill at home, no one sought medical help for him.