According to Hong Kong media, Huang Zhifeng, a chaotic Hong Kong member who has always declared that he will not escape, secretly moved with his parents in the early morning two days before the passage of the National Security Act in the port area (that is, on the 28th). Family.
Huang Zhifeng’s neighbor, Mr. Li, disclosed to the Hong Kong media that when he returned to Haiyi’s home at 3 a.m. on June 28, he suddenly found out that there were two men and a woman dragging a pile of luggage in 13 seats, leaving him wondering why When someone moved their luggage and left home early in the morning, they found that one of them was Huang Zhifeng, and the two people beside him might be Huang’s parents.
Neighbors said he was very sneaky when he saw the behavior of the three, and he seemed to be alert to people nearby. He also saw three people move a lot of luggage from the building, not like a normal travel, but like moving. “Like immigrants, there are a lot of them.”
Hong Kong media reported that the last time Huang Zhifeng appeared in front of the media last month was on June 26 at the “Lang Chao Pai” forum, and on June 30 he announced his resignation and left the “Hong Kong independence group” Jizhi “Hong Kong Zhongzhi” And on July 1, the first day of the implementation of the National Security Law in the Minato District, the leaders of “Hong Kong Independence”, such as Huang Zhifeng, were completely missing. On July 1, Huang Zhifeng posted a photo of the parade crowd on his Facebook, but he did not take a photo. This is very different from the past he likes to expose in front of the media.
According to Hong Kong’s “Sing Tao” report, Luo Guancong, who has withdrawn from the “Hong Kong independence” organization “Hong Kong Zhongzhi”, issued a document on the evening of July 2 acknowledging that he had left Hong Kong before the entry into force of the National Security Act of the Hong Kong District, but did not explain his whereabouts. He also claimed that he did not know when he would return to Hong Kong again. Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting, who withdrew Luo Guancong from the “Hong Kong Public Chronicles”, were unable to leave Hong Kong due to their cases.
According to Hong Kong media, on the eve of the adoption of the National Security Act in the port area, the chaotic Hong Kong elements have vividly interpreted what it means to be “sharpened by the wind”. Chen Hengbin, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, said that Hong Kong chaotic people have announced their withdrawal and disbanded diving because they knew that the National Security Law of the Hong Kong District can effectively combat actions that jeopardize national security, but some people who believe their ideas still take to the streets. Trying to practice the law by himself, he criticized that Luo Guancong himself quietly fled, but did not call on the supporters not to break the law. Obviously, when the supporters are “stupid”, it is extremely irresponsible.