After the two police officers were suspended, all 57 police officers in the local emergency response team resigned. The nationwide protests caused by the death of black George Floyd by law enforcement are continuing. A 75-year-old man in Buffalo, New York, was bleeding on the head after being knocked down by the local police on the 4th, which caused great controversy. After the two police officers involved have been suspended, according to the latest news from CNN, all 57 policemen who were in the same emergency response team as the aforementioned policemen resigned.

According to previous media reports, on the 4th local time, it was just before the curfew in Buffalo took effect. A video provided by witnesses at the scene showed that at Niagara Square in Buffalo, an old man wearing a mask left his helmet in his left hand and a mobile phone in his right hand, and walked in front of the marching police to try to talk. When the old man approached the heavily armed police, the police suddenly shouted, “Push him away!” Then, the policeman in front of the old man stretched out his hand and a baton and pushed him down the sidewalk. The old man fell on his back when he fell, making a loud noise, and bleeding began on the head and ears. The screen shows that the police ignored the injured old man and continued to line up to stop the other protesters who were in front.

This matter subsequently caused great controversy. Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, said in an interview that the old man has been taken to the hospital but is in serious condition. In addition, the two police officers involved have also been suspended. CNN later reported the news of the collective resignation of 57 police officers. The media quoted the chairman of the Buffalo Police Charity Association John Evans on the 5th as saying to the local media “WGRZ”, “Two (involved) police officers are only in The execution of the order received such treatment (referred to as being suspended), so all 57 police officers of the emergency response team resigned in order to express their inner disgust.”

According to reports, the Buffalo City Emergency Response Team was established in 2016 to respond to large-scale protest demonstrations. Although these police officers withdrew from the response team, they are still employed.

CNN also revealed the identity of the injured 75-year-old man in the report. According to the New York State Governor Andrew Como’s office, he is named Martin Gugino and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. The situation has stabilized. A lawyer representing Guguino issued a statement on the 5th, saying that he thanked Mr. Guguino for his good wishes and asked that any protests should continue to maintain peace.

Regarding “the old man was pushed down by the police and his head broke and bleeds”, the county governor Mark Bronkaz of Buffalo described the whole incident as “disgusting”, and New York Governor Andrew Como called it “It’s totally unreasonable and shameful.” Buffalo Police spokesman Jeff Rinaldo said that Buffalo City Police Chief Byron Lockwood conducted an internal investigation after seeing the video. Two police officers involved in the matter were suspended, but he refused to disclose Police identity suspended.