According to Sin Chew Daily, Malaysian PM, pointed out that the government will make an announcement two weeks before the school can resume classes, as suggested by the Ministry of Health. Examination classes include the Malaysian Education Diploma (SPM), the Malaysian Technical and Vocational Certificate (SVM), the Malaysian Advanced School Diploma (STPM) and the Malaysian Higher Religious Diploma (STAM).

In his teacher’s day speech today, he said that students returning to campus must maintain social distance and abide by standard operating procedures, including seating in the classroom must also be rearranged.

He said that teachers must still strengthen online teaching skills.

My PM said that every May 16th is Teachers ’Day. The theme of this year ’s Teachers’ Day is “Teacher Preaching and Educating the New Generation” (Berguru Demi Ilmu, Bina Generasi Baharu), emphasizing the important role teachers play in promoting knowledge.

He said that with the action control order and conditional administrative order has been implemented for up to 2 months, I believe that many teachers missed returning to the school to meet with students. different.

“Normally, the school will hold Teachers’ Day activities today. I believe teachers will receive messages of blessings on Whatsapp or instagram. Although this year ’s Teachers ’Day is in the period of the Covid 19 disease epidemic, this does not mean that teachers’ virtues and sacrifices will be forgotten and we will continue Cherish. “

He also thanked all educators for their contributions today.