A man posing as a cleaner who wants to enter Germany to meet his girlfriend: Seen through German because he ca n’t speak German Like a Hollywood romantic comedy, a 20-year-old American man who ca n’t stand the torture of love takes United Airlines from Washington DC to Frankfurt Airport German girlfriends meet. However, during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, under the travel ban, Americans were not allowed to enter Germany. Therefore, the man disguised himself as a cleaner when he got off the plane, trying to break through.

According to reports, the man from Pennsylvania fell in love with his German girlfriend when he was an exchange student. Missing his girlfriend, he flew from the United States to Germany on May 10, got off the plane, immediately put on a yellow vest, tried to disguise as an airport cleaner, and left the passport inspection area with the real cleaner. However, when he made several dumping operations, he caught the customs’ attention. A policewoman discovered that he was not wearing a pass, nor spoke German, and quickly revealed the matter.

The man confessed that he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t find another legal way to enter Germany to visit his girlfriend. The man spent one night in the transit area of Frankfurt Airport and was deported the next day. Although it is difficult to be in a different place during the epidemic, you still have to follow the rules.