On May 11, at the White House in the United States, Trump was asked by CBS Chinese journalist Weijia Jiang, why Americans lose their lives every day, “You think global competition against epidemic is so important. Trump said that people were killed in various parts of the world, and his words changed, asking reporters to “go ask China, don’t ask me.”

Subsequently, Trump ordered CNN reporter Kathryn Collins to ask questions, but Collins asked Jiang Weijia whether to continue the question just now. Jiang Weijia asked again: “Why are you specifically targeting me?” Trump: “I didn’t target anyone, only those who asked nasty questions.”
When Collins was ready to ask questions, Trump interrupted her again to “trouble the next one.”

Collins: “But you ordered me.” Trump was not happy. “I did. You didn’t respond to me. I want to order the young lady behind.” But Collins still wanted to ask questions, and the two sides could not stand still.

So, Trump turned sharply and left the scene without looking back.