Yonhap News reported that Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul, South Korea, said on the 11th that 75 people had been diagnosed with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic related to the spread of the nightclub in Itaewon. South Korea Itaewon nightclub outbreak has been diagnosed with 75 people.

In an interview with Korean KBS TV station, Park Won-chun said that the number of confirmed cases nationwide has reached 75 miles, including 49 in Seoul.

On the 6th of this month, a 29-year-old man’s new crown test was positive. He had visited many entertainment venues in Itaewon in Seoul from the evening of the 1st to the early morning of the 2nd without wearing masks.

South Korea’s “Seoul Economy” reported on the 10th that the spread of the nightclub in Itaewon is triggering concerns in South Korea that there may be a second large-scale infection with new coronary pneumonia, not only in Seoul City where Gyeonggi Province and nightclubs where “troublesome men” live The alarm sounded, and confirmed people appeared in Busan, Jeju Island and other places, which made the Korean epidemic prevention department tense again.