According to the Russian Satellite Network, on the morning of the 8th, local time, a train crash in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, killed at least 17 people and injured several others.

Preliminary information showed that a group of workers were sleeping on the railroad tracks at the time of the incident. An Indian Railway spokesman said the accident occurred near Kalmade in Aurangabad when a freight train ran over people sleeping on or near the rails.

The Indian Ministry of Railways said on social media that the freight train driver had tried to stop when he saw the workers on the rails, but eventually ran into them. The injured have been taken to hospital for treatment, and the authorities have ordered an investigation into the incident.

A local policeman said, “An investigation showed that these workers were going home along the railroad track when they were resting on the railroad track.” At present, the police are trying to find out the identity of these workers.