According to Yonhap News Agency, on the morning of the 17th local time, South Korean police sent Zhao Zhubin’s associate Jiang Xun (transliteration) to the prosecutor in the “room N” incident and made it public. Jiang Xun apologized many times on the spot, “I’m sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Jiang Xun is the second suspect in the “N” room. His identity and face have been disclosed since Zhao Zhubin. On the 16th, the South Korean police decided to disclose its identity and faced Jiang Xun’s objection application, but the court rejected the request that night.

Jiang Xun is only 18 years old, and his online name is “Buda”. He is mainly responsible for recruiting members of the chat room “doctor’s room”, and is also involved in the production and dissemination of sexual abuse videos. He is also the person in charge of Zhao Zhubin’s capital.

The so-called South Korean “N Room” incident refers to multiple criminals led by Zhao Zhubin. They began to attract young women by dressing up models and part-time jobs in 2018, inducing them to upload nude photos or indecent videos. Then use it as a threat, record a video of sexual exploitation, and share the video in the chat room of instant messaging software Telegram for viewing or download by paying members.

In order to avoid searching, the perpetrator established multiple chat groups in advance, created and canceled the chat groups consecutively, and named them “Room 1” and “Room 2” respectively, so they are collectively called “Room N”. Among them, the chat group run by Zhao Zhubin is the most rampant and is called the “doctor’s room”. As of March 23, the police found 74 female victims, including 16 minors.