As of 17:06 PM, there were 141,822 Covid-19 of which 15,358 were cured and 5,990 died.

Outbreak in Italy

At 17:00 in Italy: Of a total of 35,713 cases, a total of 4,713 cases were added, with 1,048 patients cured, a total of 4,025, and 475 deaths totaling 2,978.

Iran outbreak

As of 17:00 in Iran, a total of 1,046 new cases were added, totaling 18,407, of which 269 were cured, a total of 5,979, and a total of 149 deaths, totaling 1,284.

Outbreak in Spain

As of 17:00 in Spain: a total of 3,431 new cases have been added, for a total of 17,147 cases, of which the total number of cures reached 1081 and the number of deaths reached 209 with a total of 767.

U.S. outbreak

17:00 in the U.S .: A total of 9,848 new cases, an increase of 2,848, of which 106 were cured and 36 died, for a total of 152.

Outbreak in France

At 17:00 in France: a total of 1,404 new cases were added, of which 134 were cured, of which 602 were cured and 89 died, for a total of 264.

Outbreak in South Korea

As of 17:00 in South Korea, a total of 152 new cases were added to 8565, of which 407 cases were cured, a total of 1947 cases, and a total of 92 deaths.

Outbreak in Malaysia

17:00 in Malaysia: An increase of 100 out of a total of 900 cases, of which 15 have been cured, 75 have been killed and 2 have died.