Italy outbreak

As of 17:23 in Italy: a total of 3,477 new cases have been added to 24,747 cases, of which 369 cases have been cured, a total of 2,335 cases, and 368 deaths have been accumulated to 1,809 cases.

Most severe area

Photo intake: Tencent News
  1. A total of 13,272 cases were found in Lombardy, of which 2011 cases cured and 1,218 died.
  2. Emilia-Romagna has a total of 3093 cases, of which 68 cases were cured and 284 died.
  3. Veneto A total of 2172 cases, of which 120 were cured and 63 died.

The above cases were sorted out according to the pneumonia epidemic situation issued by the media of various countries and the China Health Construction Commission.