As of 10:00 am, a total of 75,056 Covid-19 ,9001 were cured and 2,619 died.

Italy outbreak

At 10 o’clock in Italy: 3,497 new cases have been added up to 21,157, of which 527 have been cured, 1,966 have been killed, 175 have died, and 1,441 been killed.

Iran outbreak

By 10 o’clock in Iran: a total of 1,729 new cases have been added, of which 810 cases have been cured, a total of 4,339 cases, and 97 deaths have been accumulated, 611 cases.

Korean outbreak

As of 10 o’clock in Korea, 76 cases were newly added up to a total of 8162 cases, of which 120 cases were cured and a total of 834 cases were dead, and 3 deaths were accumulated to 75 people.

The above cases were sorted out according to the pneumonia epidemic situation issued by the media of various countries and the China Health Construction Commission.