The epidemic continues to spread and hundreds of countries around the world have fallen. Singapore’s border control alone is no longer the most effective form of epidemic prevention.

Of the 12 new people added yesterday, 8 were imported cases. Five locals who flew back to Singapore from France, the Philippines, Indonesia, Spain and the United Kingdom have also been diagnosed.

These included a Filipino nurse from the emergency department of Huang Tingfang General Hospital and three Singapore Air Force soldiers who had been dispatched to France.

To curb further spread of the epidemic, Scoot announced suspension of flights to and from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Seoul, South Korea, and Sapporo, Japan, while extending the time limit for grounding flights to mainland China.

The global epidemic continues to spread, and the situation in Singapore, where exchanges are frequent, is worrying. In particular, officials from many countries have also been attacked by the epidemic, and stars and players have been diagnosed.