Coronavirus spreads around the world in 2019. When a mother in Malaysia greeted her son from abroad at the airport, the first thing she did was spraying disinfectant on her son, making her son cry and laugh!

Netizen Yong Zi. Xin shared the video on the video sharing platform Youtube. The title of the video is “Asian Mom Demonstrates How to Prevent Coronary Disease Invasion 101”.

After seeing his family, the man was happy to take off his mask and smile brightly. The video shows a young man dragging his luggage out of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Unexpectedly, as he approached his mother, the mother immediately kept a distance to pick up the disinfectant and sprayed him wildly.

The man’s mother made a full 360-degree turn from top to bottom, spraying his son all over his body very carefully. The son looked rather helpless and cried.

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