The 109th case of neonatal pneumonia diagnosed (March 3) was a 70-year-old male Singaporean who had no recent travel history to countries and regions.

He lives in Everton Park and works at the Fish Mart Sakuraya restaurant in West Coast Mall, but is not responsible for handling food or serving customers.

He developed symptoms on February 25 and felt tired all over. At the clinic on February 27th and 28th, she had a high fever and her body temperature hovered between 38.5 and 39.8 seconds.

However, because he did not go abroad and did not have close contact with the confirmed patients, and because he only had fever and did not cough, the family clinic did not allow him to be screened for new coronary pneumonia.

After his family sent him to Singapore General Hospital on February 29, because he was not a high-risk group, doctors did not test him for new coronavirus and arranged for him to stay in a ward with multiple beds.

But he had a high fever, and on March 1, doctors tested him for a new coronavirus. When he was diagnosed on the afternoon of March 2, he was seriously ill and had lung failure. He had to rely on machine breathing to treat him in the intensive care unit.