New crown pneumonia has become synonymous with dread.

Everyone knows that if infected, it is a terrible thing. Because the new crown virus will attack the human body, especially the lungs, causing changes in human organs and severe death.

So what will the lungs entangled by the new crown virus look like?

We know that the lung is the most important organ in the human respiratory system, carrying a variety of important functions such as respiratory regulation, immune function, pulmonary circulation, and hematopoiesis.

The lungs of a normal human body should look like this:

Normal lungs are light red with lobes on the left and right. The left and right lobes of the lung are composed of tissues like a “sponge”, with very large inner surfaces, and these inner surfaces are where the gas is exchanged.

Once patients are infected with the new coronavirus, major changes in the lungs will occur. And the lungs change at different stages of the viral infection.