In the next few Sundays, the Sengkang and Punggol light rail train systems will temporarily shut down certain platforms and switch to one-way operation with brakes for routine maintenance.
The SMRT in the industry said that except for the National Day, the Sengkang Light Rail train system will be temporarily closed every Sunday from this Sunday (26th) to the 30th of next month until it reopens at 5 pm. During this period, the train service will change one-way operation as usual.
In addition, the Punggol Light Rail System will be closed every Sunday from February 2 to September 6 of the next month, except for National Day, when certain platforms will be temporarily closed until 5 pm. During this period, the train service will also be changed to one-way operation.
During the construction period, SBS Transit will install sound insulation screens to reduce the impact of construction on nearby residents and passengers