According to South Korea’s YTN News, South Korean actor Kim Min-suk encountered a sneak shot at a coffee shop in Gangnam District, Seoul on the 19th. He was still serving in the military and immediately took action and handed him over to the police. On the same day, Kim Min-seok came to Gangnam, Seoul to rest due to the military holiday, and found that someone was sneaking pictures of women’s legs in a cafe. In order to prevent him from escaping, Kim Min-suk personally subdued the candid shooter and called the police. After the police arrested the candid photographer, many candid photos were found in his mobile phone.
Kim Min-seok’s righteous actions were well received by netizens. Kim Min-suk is 30 years old and has appeared in film and television works such as “Descendants of the Sun”. He began his military service in December 2018 and plans to retire on July 20 this year.