The Malaysian Airports Holding Company received a notice from the Ministry of Transport to allow pick-ups and drop-offs to enter the airport terminal, effective today. The company issued a statement saying that during the earlier action control order, only those with legal travel documents were allowed to enter the airport terminal, and the government is now allowed to pick up and drop off passengers in line with my country’s gradual relaxation of flight restrictions.
“Other relaxation measures include exempting strict social distances at the boarding gates to facilitate timely boarding.” The notice said that with the recent relaxation of flight restrictions and the anticipated higher passenger flow at the airport, they have strengthened the protection of airport workers and Passengers, most companies at the airport have also resumed operations in order to provide convenience to airport visitors.
“In addition to mandatory masks at the airport, the use of advanced thermal scanners to measure body temperature, signs to guide airport visitors to maintain social distance, and the placement of disinfectant hand rubs at the airport, we have also begun to use advanced technology and equipment to provide safe and contactless service.
“These include facial recognition technology, the use of contactless security checks at checkpoints, and the installation of antibacterial shields at service counters.”
The notice said that airport retailers and catering companies are also encouraged to use contactless payments.