Singapore Government: It is expected to gradually relax more blocking measures by the end of the month as planned, and enter the second phase of unblocking. By then, almost all economic activities are expected to restart.
In an interview with Bloomberg News,Lawrence Wong, the minister of national development and second minister of the Ministry of Finance, who co-led the inter-departmental working group on anti-epidemic disease, pointed out that the authorities are still monitoring the local epidemic situation and will be in the middle of this month, that is, next week Share the latest developments with the Chinese.
He said: “By the middle of this month, we will decide to enter the exact date of the second phase after the gradual lifting of the blocking measures based on the evaluation of the epidemic. Entering the second phase, we expect that economic activities will almost completely restart, including store operations, Meals, restaurants, social activities, etc., but the number of parties will be limited.”

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