A messenger was accidentally stuck in the elevator in a strange posture a few days ago, unable to move. Fortunately, his friend immediately reached out to help him out of trouble.
This unbearable video was posted on Twitter on Monday (June 8th). The video shows that a GrabFood delivery staff seems to be pressed by his bicycle, and his waist is stuck in the elevator, which is very embarrassing and uncomfortable.
A man laughed when he saw it, and picked up his phone to shoot it before helping him out of trouble. The video has so far received more than 3,400 reposts and 55,000 clicks. It is understood that the man is his friend.
The messenger left a message at the bottom of the video explaining that he was carrying a bicycle into the elevator at the time, and the bag he was carrying prevented the elevator doors from closing. He therefore decided to squeeze into the elevator in this way, and into the elevator in a strange posture, but the bicycle in front of him caused him to be unable to get up before being stuck in the elevator.delivery