There are rumors that regime change may occur in Johor, Malaysia. The Sultan of Johor was angry today and threatened that if it seized power again in Johor, it would dissolve the state parliament and return the power to the people. He posted a post on his Facebook page today and was very disappointed that leaders who still have the right to love keep turmoil in the country for their personal benefit.

Sudan pointed out that nowadays, when people are in trouble, these people not only do not care about the people, but also increase their burden. He said that he could not let the people of Johor suffer, or sit down and watch the political situation in Johor continue to be volatile, and vowed to protect the rights and interests of Johor and the people.

He warned that if the people’s representatives continue to fight for power, they will immediately dissolve the state parliament and give the people of Johor an opportunity to elect elected representatives. They can truly serve the people and the country, instead of focusing solely on their interests. Political parties and individuals.