SingaporePost confirmed that two of its employees were diagnosed with Covid19 pneumonia, which increased the number of infected people at the SingaporePost Centre to eight. SingaporePost also revealed that the contractor went to work on March 19 and did not listen to the doctor’s sick leave instructions, which became the first case of infection among the infected people at the SingaporePost Centre.

According to a statement issued by “Singapore Post” on April 2, from March 27 to April 2, a total of 7 full-time employees and 1 contracted employee were diagnosed, and dozens of employees were isolated.

The two newly diagnosed patients with Covid19 Pneumonia are full-time employees of SingPost, working on the fifth floor of SingaporePost ’s postal processing facilities.

SingaporePost pointed out that some employees are now receiving an isolation order issued by the Ministry of Health or a notice of absence from SingaporePost. In order to solve the manpower problem, SingaporePost has started to approach companies with more manpower to make up for the manpower required.

SingaporePost expects that the mail delivery service may be delayed for up to three working days, but the company will do its utmost to complete its delivery mission during the anti-epidemic period across the country.