Why is Singapore still not locked up? The Minister of National Development of Singapore responded that the epidemic was not a panacea and that the virus could not be eliminated due to two weeks of confinement.

Singapore will also continue to face the wave of virus transmission from around the world. Local transmissions will also continue and may continue until the end of the year. Therefore, Singapore must find sustainable measures to control the epidemic and slow down the spread of the virus!

The leading inter-departmental working group answered this question at a press conference (March 31): Today, we will adopt what is known as national confinement measures. By doing this for two weeks, life will return to normal. “

But he bluntly stated that this is not the case, and Singapore may take more drastic measures next, but it will not eliminate the virus. “The virus will still exist and we will have to take existing measures for several months. This is a long-term battle and we must be prepared to deal with this situation for a long time.”