From April 6th, gate fees will be reduced by 96% across the island, and 74 gate fees will be reduced. ERP on expressways and arterial roads will reduce tolls by 2$, and some gates are free of charge. Whenever you go to Orchard, Bugis, Marina Centre, Shenton Road, Chinatown, you don’t need to pay ERP.

In view of the increasing number of people working remotely and reducing outing due to the effects of Covid-19 , in addition, the traffic flow on highways has become smoother recently.

As a result, almost all highway electronic toll stations (ERPs) on the island will reduce tolls.

This is the first time in many years that authorities have reduced ERP costs due to special circumstances. The Land Transport Authority said in a statement this morning.

In recent weeks, the government has implemented stricter safety distance measures to strengthen epidemic prevention efforts, urged the public to leave the house unnecessarily, and encouraged companies to let employees work from home.

Staggering working hours reduces the need for public transportation during peak hours.

In light of this, traffic in many parts of the island has rapidly decreased. As a result, the Land Transport Authority has advanced its quarterly review of ERP, which is scheduled to begin at the end of April.