Starting in May, all employers can apply for absence benefits as long as they send employees to participate in training, and courses offered before January 1 next year are eligible.

Deputy Prime Minister Wang Ruijie also announced that the Chinese people can apply to the government for $ 500 in skills and future development subsidies in advance from next month to receive training and learn new skills during this period.

In addition, starting next month, measures to increase tuition and separation allowances for employees in the fields of aviation, tourism, catering services and retail trade to 90% have also been extended to the fields of culture and arts and land transportation.

At the same time, the government announced a plan to strengthen the digitization of SMEs and provide more digital solutions to enterprises, while increasing the maximum subsidies for productivity solutions and enterprise development plans to 80% and 90%, respectively.

In the industrial field, in order to assist enterprises to cope with economic uncertainty and establish long-term response capabilities, Wang Ruijie announced that under the “Brain Group Strengthening Enterprise Plan”, industry associations and chambers of commerce or the business organization of the project will be determined by the following organizations.

The $ 2 to $ 2 funding is twice the previously announced $ 1 to $ 4.