On March 24, there were 49 new cases of neonatal pneumonia in Singapore, of which 32 were foreign cases and a total of 558 cases. Of these, 156 have been discharged and the number in the intensive care unit is 17.

Of the 32 imported cases, 25 were Singapore citizens or permanent residents and 5 were long-term passport holders. The United Kingdom and the United States continue to be the countries with the largest number of cases abroad, with 14 and 5 people visiting these countries and the rest visiting Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Australia and other countries.

It has been two months since the outbreak invaded Singapore. Yesterday, the number of confirmed patients in Singapore exceeded the 500 mark.

Today, schools, cafes and apartments in Singapore are being diagnosed. Netizens screamed loudly that Singapore is about to usher in an explosion.

In order to prevent a recurrence of large-scale concentrated infections locally, the authorities have promulgated regulations restricting work and group work outside schools to only 10 people, and strictly inspecting the implementation of safety distances in public areas.