Recently, pictures of a couple carrying a large number of eggs on the street with a cart have been circulating on the Internet. During transportation, the two accidentally overturned the eggs and had to bend over and pick them up one by one. Pictures circulated immediately, and netizens also called the couple known as hoarders. They didn’t know that the two were actually school cafeteria hawkers and needed to buy eggs for business.

A netizen (Bernice Ong) posted a photo on social networking site Facebook yesterday (21st), calling the couple parents of friends, and she also knew the two, saying the couple were hawkers from local schools, honest and hardworking. She said that, sadly, they are now marked as ho accumulators and ridiculed on social media.

The netizen (Bernice) revealed that the couple actually bought eggs for business needs. Due to quality issues, they recently stopped collecting goods from suppliers and had to buy eggs from Pasar.

In addition, she attached a text to the couple’s child. The couple’s children point out that parents are buying a lot of eggs in order to do business after school. The netizen also revealed that the incident will be reported to the police, and the Office of Prevention of Fake Information and Network Manipulation Office (POFMA Office) will be notified, while Facebook stressed that these were fake news.