Fake news circulated on social media saying Singapore was about to lock down its country. A government spokesman denied this was incorrect.

It is reported that the news circulated on WhatsApp, saying that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will deliver a national speech tonight and announce the lock.

Huang Xuncai, Minister of National Development and Second Minister of Finance, who co-leads the intersectoral working group, also made it clear at today (March 20) press conference that there is no such thing as a state blockade.
“I don’t know how the rumors came about, it may be because we took these measures, discussed safe distance measures with venue suppliers, and engaged with catering and religious leaders. This may be because of this, but it is not so representative We will lock the country. “

Gov.sg’s WhatsApp messaging service was also clarified earlier in the evening, calling on the public not to spread unconfirmed information.