Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyidin announced tonight that the day after tomorrow (18th) the nationwide implementation of action controls until March 31, nationals are prohibited from leaving the country, and tourists are prohibited from entering.

“Xingzhou Daily” reported that Muhyidin reported to the Malaysian and global 2019 coronavirus epidemic through a live television broadcast tonight, saying that the local government attaches great importance to the coronavirus epidemic, and the first task is to curb the epidemic, so it will implement action control.

This also means that all religions, sports, social and cultural activities, and all religious and commercial occasions must be closed, except for stores that sell daily necessities.

He said that nationals are also prohibited from leaving the country. As for those who have just returned to Malaysia from abroad, they must also be quarantined for 14 days and undergo health checks. All foreign tourists are also prohibited from entering Malaysia.

In addition, all schools, including public, private, international and religious schools, must be closed, including educational institutions from preschool to university, and all universities and higher education institutions must be closed.