As a country of immigrants, Singapore has a rich dietary culture, multi-religion blooms everywhere, and private banquets and religious events also account for half of the large-scale events.

Equally, the authorities recommend that organizers adopt the following measures:

  1. Keep the number of attendees within 250 as much as possible.
  2. Reduce the gathering of attendees while keeping the venue ventilated. For example, attendees’ seats should be kept at least one meter away to avoid contact behaviors such as shaking hands and kissing.
  3. Perform temperature measurement for attendees. Those who are not physically are not allowed to enter the venue.
  4. Ask attendees to provide contact information so that follow-up investigations can be conducted if necessary. In addition to the organizers, the authorities also called on the people to take social responsibility. Keep an eye on your health, and those who are unwell should consciously avoid attending these public events.

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