A woman fainted at Clementi Plaza, and the public did not dare to approach, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

A video uploaded on all Singapore Stuff Facebook pages March 13th, a woman fainted in a fried chicken restaurant in Clementi Plaza, except for a man who believed to be a staff member to take the woman’s temperature and no one was nearby Woman, caused discussion among netizens, and speculated whether no one came forward to help because of the epidemic.

In the video, a man who looked like a staff member walked next to the woman, took a woman’s temperature over a distance of about half a meter, and then told the person who took the video that the woman’s temperature was 37 degrees.

The video caused a heated discussion on the Internet. Some people refused why no one came forward to signify a helping hand, saying “Everyone’s humanity is scared away by the virus?”

Some netizens found that the man who took the temperature did not wear a mask, so he took the temperature at some distance. One netizen did not consider it necessary to make a video and post it to social media, causing a major panic.


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