Today (March 12) is the birthday of Guanyin. At this time, many people in Singapore will celebrate the birthday of Guanyin. This year is no exception.

It is expected that tomorrow, tens of thousands of people will go to the hundred-year-old temple, the four-way Guanyintang Buddha Temple, as usual, to celebrate the birthday.

Guanyintang said it has prepared a series of precautionary measures, such as everyone needs to enter from the front door and then exit from the side door, measure body temperature, send disinfection wipes, strengthen the cleaning of cups, and the frequency of signing cylinders.

A hundred-year-old temple, Tianfu Palace, will be held as scheduled. Today (March 12), Tianfu Palace will be extended to open. It used to be closed at 5:30 in the afternoon, and it will be open until 10:30 in the evening.

Tianfu Palace also said that it would give visitors a measure of body temperature and increase the cooling fan to ensure air circulation, and at the same time, the space between the chairs would be wider. By then, dozens of musicians from Xiangling Music Club will perform Nanyin ~

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